Discovering Spain
A Sense of Place
International Faculty Led Trip
Senior Capstone: Portland State University
June 17th to July 8, 2019
Discovering Spain: A Sense of Place: Trip Overview

In this course we immerse ourselves in the culture, identity, and study the history of Spain using music as a lens whenever possible.  We visit unique regions that offer insight into the vast diversity that defines this fabulous land.  This 6-credit course is taught in English and can be taken for Senior Capstone or Music History credit.

We begin in the southern region of Andalusia, in the beautiful city of Seville.  Home to flamenco and the third largest cathedral in the world – Seville’s rich history will set the tone.  We continue through Andalusia with visits to Cordoba and Granada to complete the week.

Heading north, we stop in Madrid to explore the nation’s capital and its vibrant energy.  We take a day trip to Toledo – a city described as “the soul of Spain” and experience a land where the Moors, Christians and Jews lived together for hundreds of years, each practicing their faiths and living in harmony.   We'll head east to the coastal city of Valencia, Spain's city of arts and sciences, home of the Fallas Festival and beautiful sandy beaches.  

After the cities, we move to the quiet northwest corner of Spain:  Galicia.  In this region we split our time between Santiago de Compostela and the Atlantic Coast town of Mougas.   Santiago de Compostela, the final destination of the Camino de Santiago, is a city thriving with pilgrims, university students and a charming old town.  Mougas, on the Costa de Castros is the sight of newly found 3000+ year-old hillforts. The small coastal town offers an intimate, unique experience with the locals in various activities. 

Week three we head east to Basque Country and San Sebastian, with its perfect beach, Belle Epoque architecture and some of the most highly rated food in the world. Finally, we’ll travel to Barcelona, another region defined by its centuries old fight for independence and its unique language and culture. This Catalonian center is rich in color, style and architecture by Anton Gaudi. We'll complete our trip with a day on the Mediterranean Sea.

Discovering Spain: 5 Years of Adventure

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